What are floor fire ratings?

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ASTM E648 – This is the standard test method for critical radiant flux of floor-covering systems using a radiant heat energy source. The critical radiant flux of the flooring is determined by igniting it to see how far the flame spreads prior to self-extinguishing. The higher the number, the better the fire resistance. A Class 1 fire rating requires the number to be greater than 0.45 W/cm2.

ASTM E662 – This is the standard test method for specific optical density of smoke generated by solid materials. The optical density is determined by the smoke generated when a sample is ignited. The lower the number, the better the fire resistance. Class 1 requires less than 450 Ds but can vary by local requirements for certain areas (means of egress, etc.)

Fire-resistant flooring and wall systems reduce the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire-related incident within a facility.

Benefit highlights include:

Reducing the spread of flames and smoke throughout a facility or area
Providing greater protection of people and property during a fire-related accident/incident
Gaining peace of mind/security against careless actions (e.g. the discarding of lit cigarettes)
Nearly all industries benefit from the installation of fire-resistant flooring. In fact, most facilities require it.

Recommended industries include:

Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology – research facilities, vivariums, laboratories
Healthcare – hospitals, operating rooms, corridors
Education – cafeterias, locker rooms, hallways, labs
Office Buildings/Building Management – lobbies, corporate cafeterias, parking garages
General Commercial – public spaces, entertainment venues, concourses
An example of a certified fire rating could be https://www.goldenfield.com.au/certificates/

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